Artilla 1991 New Adventures of He-Man Figure

Character Description

Artilla is a blockey robot which looks more like a modern day Minecraft character. He is dark blue with silver, gold, and red accents. He has a button on the back of his head that triggers his spring-loaded face circuitry, complete with “infrared power probes” and “computer scanners.” His right arm contains a flip-out hyper-blaster, and his left contains a spring-loaded heat-seeking mini-missile, which pops forth when his hand is tilted to the side.

More Info

Primian Protocol Android redesigned and reprogrammed for robotic battle action. When danger triggers his red alert system, his blasters are ready and face mask pops forward, revealing infrared power probes and computer scanners.

His mission is use his data banks to help He-Man adjust to his strange, new home and to put his unique fighting features to work against Skeletor and the Evil Mutants as good and evil battle for control of all the power in the universe.


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