Battle Armor He-Man 1984 Vintage MOTU Original Series Figure

Most Powerful Man In The Universe
Meta Data
Real Name: Adam of the house of Randor
Toy Type: Action Figures
Year: 1984
Affiliation: Heroic Warriors
Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Toy Line: Original Series

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He-Man's axe from the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.1982 vintage gray power sword that goes with the He-Man action figure

Character Description

Battle Armor He-Man action figure from vintage Masters of the Universe original series toy line. The chest armor plates have has three visual indicators that include:

  • Undamaged
  • One slash
  • Two slashes

The Battle Armor was invented by Man-At-Arms to give He-Man additional protection in combat. It prevented fatal blows and, if damaged, repaired itself. Initially, only silver could penetrate it, but this defect was resolved when Man-At-Arms infused the armor with a rare crystal from the Mystic Mountains.

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