Battle Cat 1982 Vintage Masters of the Universe Creature

Fighting Tiger
Meta Data
Real Name: Cringer
Toy Type: Creatures
Year: 1982
Affiliation: Heroic Warriors
Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Toy Line: Original Series

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Creature Description

Battle Cat creature from the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line.

A large green-and-yellow tiger, Battle Cat was He-Man’s steed and faithful companion in the battle against Skeletor. He possessed great strength, agility, and ferocity, along with crimson riding armor and helm. Battle Cat obeyed He-Man’s spoken commands and was instrumental in fending off Skeletor and his Evil Warriors.

Battle Cat

He first came into being when Cringer witnessed Prince Adam’s transformation. He-Man inadvertently pointed the Sword of Power at his pet and transformed Cringer into the mighty Battle Cat, who was fearsome and courageous. He often voiced his pleasure at being released from his cowardly alter ego and had a dry sense of humor, frequently joking at Orko’s expense. He-Man and Battle Cat shared a deep bond. They rode, fought, and joked together, sharing an unshakable trust. Though He-Man occasionally had to rein in Battle Cat’s desire for combat, Battle Cat’s aggressiveness sometimes compensated for He-Man’s moral aversion to violence. Strong and agile, Battle Cat possessed a powerful roar that could frighten away, or communicate with, other creatures. His keen sense of smell allowed him to track friends or foes. He could also leap high and far.

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In the Filmation series, Cringer gained a backstory in which Prince Adam found him injured while on a nature expedition in the Vine Jungle. Cringer earned his name when his cowardly behavior led a young Teela to say that he was “a real cringer.” Growing up, Cringer and Prince Adam bonded immediately and took on the roles of outsiders who could never quite fit in with others. At a later stage, Cringer bore accidental witness to Prince Adam’s transformation into He-Man. He was frightened upon witnessing his master’s transformation, but as He-Man attempted to calm him, a bolt of power shot from his sword at Cringer, transforming him into the fearless Battle Cat, a power bestowed upon him by the Sorceress so he could serve as He-Man’s steed. Cringer and Adam were loyal friends, sharing one another’s secrets. When Adam teased Cringer for his cowardly antics, the talking cat defended himself with quick wit. Though apprehensive and lethargic, Cringer possessed a good and courageous heart. He wasn’t fond of his alter ego or the process which transformed him into the mighty steed, but he was grateful for Battle Cat’s existence and understood why he was needed. Cringer could often be found spending time with Adam and Orko and enjoyed making humorous asides about Orko’s less-than-spectacular magic tricks. Cringer could track scents and communicate with other cats. He could roar almost as loud as Battle Cat, but the effort exhausted him. Even when he was not in his Battle Cat form, the Power of Grayskull protected Cringer from harm or mental possession. He was one of the very few talking animals on Eternia. He had a fondness for food, especially fish.


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