Buzz Saw Hordak 1987 Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure

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Character Description

Good ole’ Hordak but with a killer saw built into his chest!

MOTU Mini Comic Canon

Enter Buzz Saw Hordak Masters of the Universe Mini Comic

Hordak calls Dragstor to show him his new warrior Mosquitor, who demonstrates his power by stabbing Dragstor’s chest with his nose-piece and draining his lifeforce. Hordak intends to use Mosquitor to trap He-Man, but when he watches Eternia, he finds about the return of the Three Towers, even recalling that he helped build Central Tower before his banishment to Etheria. Hordak changes his plans to get the power of Central Tower, and goes to Eternia with Dragstor and Mosquitor.

Near the towers, the Sorceress finds Hordak and faces him, but she’s knocked out by Dragstor. Mosquitor drains a part of the Sorceress’ lifeforce, which Hordak shapes into a duplicate Sorceress whop calls King Randor to Central Tower. Prince Adam, who finds strange that the Sorceress called his father and not him, transforms into He-Man and follows King Randor.

Hordak reveals to the Sorceress that he sent for King Randor because only the rightful king of Eternia can pass the tower’s traps unharmed. Randor arrives in a Jet Sled and Hordak knocks him out. He-Man arrives, but Hordak has Dragstor and Mosquitor face him while he uses King Randor to enter Central Tower. He-Man frees the Sorceress and resists Mosquitor’s lifeforce-draining powers, then the Sorceress takes care of the two Horde members while He-Man reaches Central Tower.

He-Man finds an unconscious King Randor at the entrance, and inside, there’s Hordak absorbing the tower’s energy. When He-Man faces him, Hordak behaves very polite until he notices the energies are turning him good. Hordak tells he wanted to use the secret for time travel inside the tower to go back in time and become Eternia’s dictator, but the tower’s defenses are changing him. Hordak exits the tower and decides that if he can’t have the Tower, nobody will, and tries to destroy it with his Hurricane powers, just to find he has lost them. He-Man comments that Hordak is helpless now, which angers Hordak and causes him to suddenly shoot a buzz saw from his chest. He-Man repels the buzz saw, and Hordak recognises the change of his powers: Hurricane Hordak is no more, he’s Buzz-Saw Hordak now. Hordak leaves with his men to study his new powers. He-Man notices Hordak is more dangerous than ever, but at least now they know how to enter Central Tower, and that it has the secret of time travel.

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