Grizzlor Filmation Super7 2018 Masters of the Universe Figure

The Ferocious Figure with Fur

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Grizzlor's shield from the Super 7 Filmation Masters of the Universe toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.Grizzlor's baton from the Super 7 Filmation Masters of the Universe toy line.

Character Description

Grizzlor action figure from the Filmation Super7 Masters of the Universe toy line.

Figure Sculpt


With his great size, fearsome fangs, fur-covered body, and ferocious nature, Grizzlor is one of the most horrifying members of The Evil Horde. As the prison keeper of Hordak, it is his job to preside over the terrible dungeons of Beast Island, guarding the prisoners, whilst ensuring that the horrific beasts never leave. Grizzlor does not possess a great deal of intellect and is often mocked by his villainous allies, whilst his enemies often find simple ways of outwitting him in battle.

Grizzlor Filmation Super7 Masters of the Universe Bio

Grizzlor as he appeared in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power cartoon

Grizzlor as he appeared in the She-Ra and Princess of Power cartoon

Grizzlor was initially portrayed as a competent and threatening member of the Horde, overseeing Beast Island. Like many of Hordak’s other warriors, he was said to be a product of Horde science, implying he had once been a normal creature or possibly human. He was depicted as rather muscular, with hair coverings similar to his action figure. Over time, the Filmation animated series increasingly depicted Grizzlor as a bumbling henchman, often bearing the brunt of Hor-dak’s wrath. Occasionally, he worked as part of Catra’s Force Squad, though he did not like taking orders from her. He displayed a strong dislike of Mantenna, and the pair would often bicker. Though showing some leadership skills, ferocity and strength were Grizzlor’s primary attributes.


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Super7 Filmation

Super7 Filmation toy line features fully articulated action figures stand 7” tall and come with a bevy of awesome accessories, presented in packaging consistent with the history of their respective lines. Sculpted by the incomparable Four Horsemen with careful attention to the finest details, these Masters of the Universe figures will stand toe-to-toe with the vilest villains and hardiest heroes on your shelf. The packaging for the Filmation toy line features both Club Grayskull packaging.

Club Grayskull Packaging and Box Art

In the Club Grayskull assortment, each figure and their accessories are packaged in a resealable die cut window box with a slipcase and an outer cardboard box. On the front of the boxes, you can see the Filmation cartoon version of Castle Grayskull, which sets each figure off within the window of the box. The logo is from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, which is featured prominently in the center of the front of the box. The back of each box contains Filmation cartoon art for each figure as well as a newly crafted bio.

Grizzlor Filmation Super7 Masters of the Universe Box Front Grizzlor Filmation Super7 Masters of the Universe Box Back

Super7 Filmation Masters of the Universe Slip Cover Front Super7 Filmation Masters of the Universe Slip Cover Back

Super7 History

Founded in 2001 as a magazine focused on the minutia of collecting vintage toys, Super7 has since grown into one of the most influential and sought after toy brands in the market today. By infusing their deep knowledge of toys as collectors combined with their detailed attention to manufacturing and design, Super7 creates unique and inspiring toys, apparel, events and experiences not typically seen from other manufacturers. Based in San Francisco, you can find them online at or as well as their retail stores in both San Francisco and San Diego.


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