Grizzlor 1985 Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure

Hairy Henchman of the Evil Horde

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Grizzlor action figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Character Description

Grizzlor is introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1985 among the first wave of Evil Horde figures but appears in the cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power, as one of the Evil Horde’s many villains.4

Grizzlor as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Mini Comics

Grizzlor as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Mini Comics

In the minicomics, Grizzlor was a ferocious creature who served Hordak. Thought to be a legend, he was the subject of terrifying campfire stories. According to the tales, Grizzlor would first stun his prey with his stun gun and then attack with his wicked claws. Unfortunately for the Heroic Warriors, Grizzlor was most certainly not a legend. Grizzlor’s might was such that stun weapons were of no use against him. Powerful and bloodthirsty, Grizzlor spoke in a broken, brutish manner. Grizzlor inhabited a cave littered with human bones. His one weakness appeared to be his own reflection, which he was afraid of.

Grizzlor as he appeared in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power cartoon

Grizzlor as he appeared in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power cartoon

Grizzlor was initially portrayed as a competent and threatening member of the Horde, overseeing Beast Island. Like many of Hordak’s other warriors, he was said to be a product of Horde science, implying he had once been a normal creature or possibly human. He was depicted as rather muscular, with hair coverings similar to his action figure. Over time, the Filmation animated series increasingly depicted Grizzlor as a bumbling henchman, often bearing the brunt of Hordak’s wrath. Occasionally, he worked as part of Catra’s Force Squad, though he did not like taking orders from her. He displayed a strong dislike of Mantenna, and the pair would often bicker. Though showing some leadership skills, ferocity and strength were Grizzlor’s primary attributes.

According the Wiki Grayskull, Grizzlor appears in animated form in the cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power, in which the Horde are the main villains. The cartoon series plays down his savagery, presumably to make his character more suitable for a children’s audience. At times it even seems as though he may be more human than animal, particularly in the early episode “Beast Island” in which he is competent enough to operate a computer console and command a series of Destructotanks. However, he is far from intelligent and is usually portrayed as a generic bumbling villain, constantly fouling up Hordak’s schemes. Although he appears frequently in the cartoon he has no spotlight roles and is mostly consigned to background appearances.

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Wiki Grayskull History

Grizzlor is introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1985 among the first wave of Evil Horde figures. His figure was packaged with the mini-comic “Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Alive!” which portrays him as a kind of urban legend among the Eternians, a product of apparent “tall tales” about a wild man-beast which roams the night stalking its prey. After Buzz-Off disturbs his Heroic comrades with tales of the creature, it later transpires that Grizzlor is a real creature and has been hired by Hordak to fight against He-Man and the Heroic Warriors. Grizzlor is portrayed as a mindless, savage killing machine, who is defeated by being shown his own reflection in a mirror; he apparently fears nothing but the sight of his own gruesome visage.

Grizzlor also appears in several of the Masters of the Universe comic series. A notable one of these are the UK comics published by London Editions, which portray him as one of the least intelligent of all the evil characters. In this series he is frequently used for comic relief and has a childlike mentality, implying he is not actually evil and has merely been misled by Hordak into helping with his schemes. An origin story in a later issue explains that he comes from the jungle world of Jungulia “on the outer edge of the spiral arm of the N24 galaxy” and is a member of a race of man-beast creatures. Although his race was peaceful, by the age of 428 he had developed a savage anger that shocked his family, and stumbled across a range of powerful weapons in a cave. His youthful nature led him to see them as toys, and play with them as such. When detected with the weapons by Horde Prime’s sata-spies, they mistook him for an evil warrior and reported him to Hordak, who beamed him on board his ship, erasing all memories of Jungulia from his mind so he would willingly serve him. At first, upon seeing the advanced weapons, Hordak mistakenly believed Grizzlor must possess an incredible mental genius, but subsequently Grizzlor proved to have no remote intelligence, rendering Hordak confused as to why Horde Prime wanted him in the Horde.


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