He-Man 1989 New Adventures of He-Man Figure

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He-Man's yellow sword from the 1989 The New Adventures of He-Man toy lineThis is He-Man's yellow sword with gold accents from the 1989 The New Adventures of He-Man toy line 

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He-Man's gold helmet from the 1989 The New Adventures of He-Man toy line.He-Man's gold back armor from the 1989 The New Adventures of He-Man toy line.He-Man's gold chest armor from the 1989 The New Adventures of He-Man toy line.

Character Description

Figure Sculpt

He-Man New Adventures of He-Man Figure

He-Man is decked out in blue pants with gold armor accents and gold boots. When his waist is turned from side to side, he performs a forward slashing motion with his sword and shield. He comes packed with the following accessories:

  • Power sword
  • Power shield
  • Helmet
  • Chest armor
  • Back armor
He-Man’s New Adventures Canon

When needed in the future, He-Man willingly gave up his life on Eternia and traveled to Primus. Though initially skeptical, the Primans accepted He-Man as their champion, and he took leadership of the Galactic Guardians. His comrades, Captain Hydron and Flipshot, often came to him for advice. He-Man and the Guardians worked together as a well-integrated team. He-Man and Skeletor frequently fought to a draw, as each knew the other very well from their previous years of battles, a fact both commented on. Still sharing a telepathic link with He-Man, the Sorceress provided guidance and advice. She instructed He-Man on the “power of the good and the way of the magic.” Though he was still infused with the Power of Grayskull, He-Man’s feats of strength were less impressive than they’d been in earlier depictions. Focus was placed on the use of the power of the good and the way of the magic. Additionally, He-Man’s sword gained new importance, displaying abilities to fire energy blasts or unleash magical pulses when needed. When He-Man became homesick for Eternia, the Sorceress created a dimensional gateway and brought Teela to Primus to be temporarily reunited with him. At the end of the war between Primus and the Mutants, He-Man and Mara faced off against Skeletor and Crita. He-Man trapped Skeletor and Crita in a shuttle pod. He used his sword to permanently lock them in and banished the shuttle into deep space. With Skeletor finally defeated and Primus free, He-Man claimed to have fulfilled his destiny.

More Info

After the demise of the MOTU toy line, Mattel attempted to reinvigorate interest in He-Man by producing a new toy line, simply titled He-Man. The accompanying storyline in the minicomics packaged with the figures explained that He-Man had now left Eternia and pursued Skeletor into the depths of space, where Skeletor had now set his sights on conquering the distant world of Primus, a planet with high technological resources. He-Man was shown to have given up the identity of Prince Adam altogether to permanently become He-Man, basing himself on the world of Primus where he had allied with a team of defenders known as the Galactic Guardians and become their leader. He-Man’s appearance was re-designed for the new toy line, with a space helmet and golden armor added to his attire to give him a more futuristic appearance, and his sword was also completely redesigned.

A cartoon series was produced by Jetlag Productions to accompany the toy line, titled The New Adventures of He-Man. Although generally in-keeping with the story line from the mini-comics, this series maintained the double identity of Prince Adam and He-Man. On the world of Primus, Prince Adam posed as a traveling merchant and the nephew of the character of Master Sebrian in order to disguise his secret identity. His transformation oath was also altered slightly to become “By the Power of Eternia”.


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