He-Man 2008 Masters of the Universe Classics Figure

Most Powerful Man in the Universe!
Meta Data
Real Name: Adam of the House of Randor
Toy Type: Action Figures
Year: 2008
Affiliation: Heroic Warriors
Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Toy Line: MOTU Classics

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He-Man's axe that came with the Masters of the Universe Classics figure.He-Man's half sword that came packed with 2008 Masters of the Universe Classics figure.He-Man's Power Sword that came with the Masters of the Universe Classics figure.He-Man's shield that came with the Masters of the Universe Classics figure.

Character Description

He-Man action figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.

Figure Sculpt

He-Man action figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.


A direct descendant of the legendary King Grayskull, Prince AdamĀ® of Eternia was chosen to protect his ancestor’s Power Sword from evil. At first he used a techno-vest with a built-in force field to fight evil, but Adam has since learned to combine both halves of the Power Sword, using it to channel the energy of the Elders to become He-ManĀ® – the most powerful man in the universe! He guards the safety of all Eternia along side the heroic Masters of the Universe.

Masters of the Universe Classics Canon

Blending details from previous incarnations and adding a great deal of new information, the Classics canon constructed a complete life story for Prince Adam’s He-Man persona. When Prince Adam combined both halves of the Sword of Power, he could channel the power of the Great Orb in Castle Grayskull and become He-Man. In time, he learned how to tap into the knowledge of the Elders and create new and specialized armaments from the energies of the universe, such as his protective Battle and Snake Armors and his Thunder Punch and Flying Fist weapons. After many years, Skeletor used Faker to frame He-Man for the murder of King Randor, who had been banished to Despondos. Renegades, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe retreated to Muidaria. Shortly thereafter, He-Man’s lover, Teela, acting as the new Sorceress of Grayskull, sent He-Man back in time to Preternia in an at-tempt to find the key to their victory. Joining King Grayskull and He-Ro against the Snake Men, the Horde, and the forces of Skeletor. in the First Ultimate Battleground, He-Man discovered that the Spell of Separation was the key to defeating the Snake Men in his own time. Re-turning to the present with a captured Skeletor, He-Man called a truce with his archenemy, and together they defeated the Snake Men and the Horde in the Second Ultimate Battleground.

After Skeletor stole Hordak’s technovirus and fled into the cosmos, He-Man and Teela were wed. Soon afterward, He-Man and She-Ra left with Hydron and Flipshot to battle Skeletor on Primus. Forsaking his identity as Prince Adam, He-Man combined his power with that of the Starship Eternia. Alongside the Galactic Protectors, he defended the planet Primus from Skeletor and his army of former Horde Space Mutants. During an assault on Horde World, He-Man and Skeletor were transported to Trona, where the old enemies engaged in what appeared to be their final battle. He-Man called upon the Power of Grayskull and split Skeletor into the separate beings Keldor and Demo-Man. His uncle, repentant, bade him rule Eternia justly before he died. Returning to Horde World, He-Man found She-Ra missing and the empire destroyed. He spent ten years searching for his sister, only returning to Eternia upon hearing of King Randor’s passing. There, he was reunited with his wife and met his now-teenaged son Dare, who had grown up listening to the stories of his father’s adventures. Crowned king of Etemia, He-Man moved the seat of power to Castle Grayskull to allow Teela to rule at his side and unite his family. Realiz-ing he had to make a symbolic gesture if peace were to return to Eternia, he surrendered the Sword of Power by placing it in the Force Field AnviL During his reign, he established the Time Agents, watched his son take up the Power of Grayskull to become He-Ro II, and protected Eternia from an attack by Despara and a resur-rected Skeletor. After the Third Ultimate Battleground, King He-Man ruled Etemia alongside his family In time, a resurrected Keldor convinced He-Man that Castle Grayslcull’s absence would cause devastation throughout the universe. He-Ro’s spirit concurred and finally revealed his true connection to He-Man and She-Ra, telling them that they must return their powers to save Castle GrayskulL They transformed back into Adam and Adora, but when Keldor tried to steal the power for himself, Adam transformed back into King He-Man in the presence of the renewed Grayskull. To his surprise, his youthful appearance was restored. He-Man defeated Keldor, which prompted the villain to willingly transform himself back into Skeletor shortly thereafter.

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More Info

The Masters of the Universe Classics line, launched in 2008, is a new line of action figures based on the classic characters from all aspects of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Available solely from Mattel’s website and aimed purely at collectors, the line also includes biographical descriptions of the characters designed to tie the diverging aspects of the mythos together.

Based on the look of the original 1980s MOTU toys, this new toy line was aimed primarily at the adult toy collector market, often available only through subscriptions (from MattyCollector). Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, these toys were updated versions of previous figures as well as characters that never before had an action figure made of them; such as Filmation’s Queen Marlena, Fang-Man, Lizard-Man, Count Marzo, Granamyr, and many others. The toy line featured many redesigned and updated action figures from the original action-figure line from the 1980s, but it also included characters from She-Ra: Princess of Power (Adora, Madame Razz, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver, and others), The New Adventures of He-Man (Mara, Crita, and more), and the Mike Young Productions series from 2002 (Faceless One, Chief Carnivus, King Chooblah, Ceratus, and others). As the line progressed, characters from all versions of MOTU lore were included, from such things such as prototypes and concept art (He-Ro, Eldor, Demo-Man, Gygor, Vykor, and others), box art from vehicles and model kits (Sky High and the Fighting Foe Men), mini comics (the Goddess, Geldor, and Procrustus), and other books, comics, and media (Despara, Strobo, Goat-Man, and more). There were also newly created figures, exclusive to the Classics toy line, such as Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and others. In February 2010, the figures of He-Man and Skeletor were available as Toys “R” Us exclusives packed in two-packs with Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively, from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics action figure line; with this dual line expanded to include two-packs featuring Aquaman/Mer-Man, Hawkman/Stratos, Bizarro/Faker, Supergirl/She-Ra, and Green Lantern/Zodac.

Masters of the Universe Classics surpassed the original 1980s toy line in terms of length, running continuously for seven years with more than 150 different figures produced since its launch in August 2008. Along with the Classics series, MOTU Minis and Giants figures were also released in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Mattel ended production on the MOTU Classics and MattyCollector.com’s Club Grayskull series, with the production company Super7 now taking over the Masters of the Universe license.


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