Kowl Vintage 1985 She-Ra Princess of Power Figure

Meta Data
Toy Type: Action Figures
Year: 1985
Affiliation: The Great Rebellion
Series: She-Ra Princess of Power
Toy Line: Princess of Power

Character Description

Kowl is creature that looks like he’s a mix of a koala bear and an owl. His personality and character also seem to be a blend of Orko and Cringer as his personality he serves as comic relief and he is also a coward. Unlike Cringer, Kowl does offer help to his friends when they need him. Kowl is one of only four who is aware of Adora’s secret that she is She-Ra, along with the other three being Light Hope, Loo-Kee, and Madame Razz. In addition to knowing this secret, Kowl knows of Prince Adam’s alter ego, He-Man are the same person.

Toy Appearance

Kowl’s coloring is a very light yellow with turquoise, orange, and pink ears and a white belly. He did not come with any accessories.

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