Man-E-Faces 1983 Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure


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Man-E-Faces had his humble beginnings as a being that was feared by all. Having his intentions misconstrued by his looks, Man-E started as more of a villain than the hero we know and love today. He could change his look and turn his face into a human, a robot, or a monster, which served him well in many different types of battles. His face turns also gave him special powers to defeat any type of foe.

Man-E-Faces as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Mini Comic

Man-E-Faces as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Mini Comic

A renowned actor, Man-E-Faces delighted audiences throughout Eternia with his ability to bring roles to life. He wore many masks on the stage, though his small red domino mask did not hide the fact that he was dashingly handsome. His talents as an actor inspired Skeletor to kidnap and force him to drink a noxious potion which transformed him into a rampaging monster. The Sorceress intervened and turned Man-E-Faces back into a human, but Skeletor appeared and forced him back into his monster form. This magical back-and-forth resulted in a third persona—a robot which was neither good nor evil. Although He-Man ultimately rescued Man-E-Faces from Skeletor’s clutches, the actor had permanently acquired the ability to change from man to robot to monster. Man-E-Faces subsequently joined the Heroic Warriors, though the Sorceress harbored fears that Skeletor would attempt to use his alternate identities for evil.

Man-E-Faces as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Cartoon

Man-E-Faces as he appeared in the Masters of the Universe Cartoon

Unlike his earlier depictions, Man-E-Faces was an outcast from society due to his face-changing abilities. In contrast to other canons, he retained his own personality when changing faces and had full control over the transformations. Having been rejected by humanity, he adopted a bullying personality and terrorized the Widgets, who fearfully served him. After learning of this, Skeletor attempted to recruit him into his Evil Warriors, but Man-E-Faces refused to serve him, and after being rescued from Skeletor by He-Man, he changed his ways and joined the Heroic Warriors instead. Orko was the one who gave him the moniker “Man-E-Faces.” After joining the Royal Court, Man-E-Faces used his face-changing abilities to become an actor renowned throughout Eternia, performing before the nobles of the planet. He was able to change to other faces besides the robot and the monster, including Skeletor, Beast Man, and even Orko. His acting talents were later put to use by the Heroic Warriors when he disguised himself as Beast Man and infiltrated Skeletor’s ranks. Man-E-Faces later developed a close friendship with Ram Man.

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Wiki Grayskull History

According to the Wiki Grayskull, Man-E-Faces has the ability to change their faces, thus giving him different powers and personalities. Each of its three faces (man, robot and monster) has different skills. The Human Face of Man-E-Faces, makes him a natural human being, he is a skilled warrior. The robotic Face of Man-E-Faces, give you a grand intelligence, sensor tracking, the ability to trace targets without errors. While using robotics Face, Man-E-Faces is not breathing thus making him immune to drowning or asphyxiation. The Face Monster gives Man-E-Faces superhuman strength, which he is able to lift heavy objects and transfer super dangerous blows in this state. The monstrous face also features superhuman senses, and also gives him sharp claws. Man-E-Faces had problems with Beast Man when he wore his Monster Face due to the power to control animals of Beast Man, but now he found out how to get rid of the control of Beast Man. Man-E-Faces carries a small blaster gun, which he uses to fire energy blasts against his enemies. Man-E-Faces is also an excellent actor, able to represent different characters beautifully. His faces serve also as random parts that he is able to act in his presentations.


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