Night Stalker 2016 MOTU Classics Creature

Evil Armored Battle Steed
Meta Data
Real Name: Night Stalker
Toy Type: Creatures
Year: 2016
Affiliation: Evil Villains
Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Toy Line: MOTU Classics

Creature Accessories

Night Stalker's helmet from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.

Creature Description

Night Stalker creature from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.


The robotic war horse called Night Stalker was built by Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw to counter the heroic Stridor. The robot gallops with remarkable speed despite its size, and is equipped with two guns in front as well as one behind its iron saddle. Skeletor rode Night Stalker into combat on several occasions, but it was the sinister Jitsu who took special interest in the armored steed. After Jitsu became lord of Snake Mountain, he retrieved remnants of the Hate Stones and implanted them in Night Stalker’s eye sockets. This action transformed Night Stalker from a mindless machine into a mechanical nightmare. From that day forward, Night Stalker’s eyes glowed with malevolence and ill-intent. Eventually, the demon steed turned on Jistu and ran off into the blighted plains of the Dark Hemisphere.

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