Saurod Helmet 1987 Vintage Masters of the Universe Accessory

Meta Data
Toy Type: Accessories
Year: 1987
Affiliation: Evil Villains
Accessory Class: Helmet
Accessory Color: Gold
Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Toy Line: Original Series

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Saurod is a reptilian bounty hunter in the service of Skeletor. He is one of several Evil Warriors created for the 1987 film Masters of the Universe. To promote the movie, Mattel produced an action figure of Saurod in the Masters of the Universe toy line. The toy has a sparking feature that allows Saurod to fire "lasers" from his mouth, although this ability is not featured in the film.

Accessory Description

Saurod’s helmet from the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line.

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