Sorceress 2012 MOTU Classics Figure

Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull
Meta Data
Real Name: Teela’na
Toy Type: Action Figures
Year: 2012
Affiliation: Heroic Warriors
Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Toy Line: MOTU Classics

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Sorceress or Temple of Darkness Sorceress staff

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Character Description

Sorceress action figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line.


Teela’na’s tenure as Sorceress proved to be the most challenging as she oversaw the birth of the prophesied Twins of Power and the rise of Skeletor. Under orders by the Overlords of Trolla and the guidance of the Spirit of Grayskull, she commanded Oo-Larr to retrieve both halves of the Sword of Power and reunite them, allowing her to cast a difficult cloning spell. Light Hope fused the mystic Sword of Protection with the cloned Sword of Power, and the Sorceress remained the custodian of the swords until they were needed. Years later, when King Hssss poisoned her with his venom, the Sorceress knew her time as guardian was coming to an end. Her magic let her resist the venom for a time, during which she revealed herself to Teela and prepared her daughter at the Elders’ training citadel at Eternia’s icecap to take on her role as the next Sorceress of Grayskull.


Growing up in a small Eternian village, Teela’na helped defend her people from a Horde Scout ship that had discovered her planet on a magic locating mission. Recognized for her loyalty, courage and wisdom, the current aging Sorceress® chose Teela’na to take up her title and defend Castle Grayskull’s secrets for the next generation. During her reign as Sorceress®, Teela’na not only cast the spell to clone the Sword of He, she was also cloned herself by Skeletor® who desired a magic-wielding bride to pass on his legacy. With the help of Man-At-Arms®, Teela’na saved the cloned child. And it was through her undying love and devotion to this baby girl that Teela’na gave her up to Man-At-Arms®, awaiting the day when her daughter would become the new Sorceress® and Guardian of Castle Grayskull’s secrets.

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More Info

The Masters of the Universe Classics line, launched in 2008, is a new line of action figures based on the classic characters from all aspects of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Available solely from Mattel’s website and aimed purely at collectors, the line also includes biographical descriptions of the characters designed to tie the diverging aspects of the mythos together.

Based on the look of the original 1980s MOTU toys, this new toy line was aimed primarily at the adult toy collector market, often available only through subscriptions (from MattyCollector). Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, these toys were updated versions of previous figures as well as characters that never before had an action figure made of them; such as Filmation’s Queen Marlena, Fang-Man, Lizard-Man, Count Marzo, Granamyr, and many others. The toy line featured many redesigned and updated action figures from the original action-figure line from the 1980s, but it also included characters from She-Ra: Princess of Power (Adora, Madame Razz, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver, and others), The New Adventures of He-Man (Mara, Crita, and more), and the Mike Young Productions series from 2002 (Faceless One, Chief Carnivus, King Chooblah, Ceratus, and others). As the line progressed, characters from all versions of MOTU lore were included, from such things such as prototypes and concept art (He-Ro, Eldor, Demo-Man, Gygor, Vykor, and others), box art from vehicles and model kits (Sky High and the Fighting Foe Men), mini comics (the Goddess, Geldor, and Procrustus), and other books, comics, and media (Despara, Strobo, Goat-Man, and more). There were also newly created figures, exclusive to the Classics toy line, such as Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and others. In February 2010, the figures of He-Man and Skeletor were available as Toys “R” Us exclusives packed in two-packs with Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively, from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics action figure line; with this dual line expanded to include two-packs featuring Aquaman/Mer-Man, Hawkman/Stratos, Bizarro/Faker, Supergirl/She-Ra, and Green Lantern/Zodac.

Masters of the Universe Classics surpassed the original 1980s toy line in terms of length, running continuously for seven years with more than 150 different figures produced since its launch in August 2008. Along with the Classics series, MOTU Minis and Giants figures were also released in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Mattel ended production on the MOTU Classics and’s Club Grayskull series, with the production company Super7 now taking over the Masters of the Universe license.


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