Stone Cold Steve Austin Masters of the WWE Universe Video Review

We review the Masters of the WWE Universe Stone Cold Steve Austin figure that was packed with the Rattlesnake Mountain Ring! Taking you on a small history tour with the Texas Rattlesnake, we have a hands on review on one of the toughest S.O.B’s in wrestling. If you are down with the Masters of the WWE Universe, “then gimme a hell yeah!”


Hey Everyone…Toy Habits back at you with another hot take and today we are looking at the one and only Texas Rattlesnake…the Masters of the WWE Universe Stone Cold Steve Austin figure.

The poster boy for the Attitude Era, Stone Cold started his professional wrestling career as “Stunning” Steve Austin in WCW from 1991 to 1995, but as fate would have it, he was fired from the WCW and signed to the WWF as The Ringmaster. After The Ringmasters gimmick did not work out, he was repackaged as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a brash, vulgar, beer-drinking S.O.B. that routinely defied the establishment, which was pretty close to how he lived his life. Unfortunately he was the recipient of of botched piledriver, which dramatically shortened his wrestling career

Diving into the figure, he was packed with the Rattlesnake Mountain Ring with Hulk Hogan but this review is only focusing on Stone Cold 

So let’s get up close and personal with the Texas rattlesnake! Right off the bat you can see his black ring attire, which mirrors his real life outfit! He has Austin on his sleeveless jacket on the right side and a rattlesnake on the left side. Getting a look at the back of the figure, there is a large rattlesnake head on the upper part of the jacket with the words below in case you didn’t get it. He also has black knee pads and if I can push this up you can get a view of his tattoo of the state of Texas on his left calf that has a bull skull right smack dab….deep in the heart of Texas.

Apropos for his persona, he comes with two red snake arm attachments that feature a jaw that moves up down with pretty good range of motion as well as painted yellow eyes that have red slits for the pupils. These arm attachments ultimately remind me of Snake Crush Skeletor from the MOTU 200x line. The attachments have a lot scale detail and you can get a look Underneath where you get a view of where they attach to his wrists.

Here is a closer look at Stone Cold all geared up and you can get a closer look at how the snake arms attach to his wrists and how cool they look when they are on the figure….if you think they cool…”gimme a hell yeah!”

We hope you enjoyed this hot take on the Masters of the WWE Universe Stone Cold Steve Austin figure and let us know what you think of this figure by commenting below and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

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