Stridor 2018 MOTU Classics Creature

Heroic Armored War Horse
Meta Data
Real Name: Stridor
Toy Type: Creatures
Year: 2018
Affiliation: Heroic Warriors
Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Toy Line: MOTU Classics

Creature Accessories

Stridor creature from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.

Creature Description

Stridor creature from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.


Stridor was the first of a new cavalry of robotic steeds created by Man-At-Arms after he modified Preternian schematics  discovered by the archaeologist Melaktha. Augmented with enhanced speed and equipped with forward and rear-facing cannons, Stridor was a formidable ground transport. Man-At-Arms also gave Stridor an artificial intelligence with the capacity to learn from his experiences so that he could better serve his heroic masters. As a result, Stridor learned self sacrifice and heroism from He-Man. During a battle with the evil wizard Morgoth, Stridor sacrificed himself to help destroy Morgoth’s magic gem. He-Man carried the seemingly irreparably damaged steed all the way to Castle Grayskull where the Sorceress and Man-At-Arms determined that Stridor had absorbed magic that gave him a living spirit and miraculously repaired his damage. Set free, Stridor later befriended the heroic Fisto and carried him into battle many times against their rivals, the warlord Jitsu and his evil robotic steed Night Stalker.

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