Tallstar Star Sisters 2012 MOTU Classics Figure

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Meta Data
Real Name: Cassandra
Toy Type: Action Figures
Year: 2012
Affiliation: The Great Rebellion
Series: She-Ra Princess of Power
Toy Line: MOTU Classics

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Tallstar's staff from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.

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Tallstar arm extensions from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.Tallstar leg extensions from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Find other figures, weapons, vehicles, and accessories using the Weapons Rack.Tallstar neck extensions from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.

Character Description

Tallstar action figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Star Sisters

An evil sorceress who was jealous of the Star Sisters’ youth and beauty imprisoned them in a shooting star and sent them hurtling through space. After arriving on Etheria, they were released from their prison by She-Ra. They joined the Great Rebellion in gratitude. Later, they fought in the Second Ultimate Battleground on Eternia.


Tallstar, once known as Cassandra, and her sisters incurred the wrath of an evil sorceress. Jealous of their youth and beauty, the sorceress trapped them and their falcon Glorybird in a shooting star and sent them hurtling across the universe. The sisters eventually crashed on Etheria, where She-Ra freed them by melting away their prison. The sisters joined the Great Rebellion to show their gratitude. Tallstar and her sisters followed She-Ra to Eternia to fight in the Second Ultimate Battleground.


A member of the Great Rebellion and one of the Star Sisters, Tallstar possesses the ability to extend her limbs, a trait which endows her with superhuman height and strength. With her amazing physical powers and her prodigious intellect, Tallstar is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the battlefield. In the final clashes against the Evil Horde, known collectively as the End of Wars, Tallstar single-handedly deactivated the gargantuan Horde robot, Steel Kill. Soon thereafter, Tallstar and her sisters Starla and Jewelstar joined She-Ra on Eternia where they participated in the Second Ultimate Battleground. Just before the battle’s epic climax, Tallstar and Extendar combined their might to capture a transformed Snake Mekaneck, allowing Teela to restore him with the Secret Liquid of Life. Mekaneck later joined Tallstar on Etheria. The two became close friends and aided the former Rebels in their fight against the growing threats of Shadow Weaver and Scorpia. When Mekaneck was eventually summoned back to Eternia, Tallstar remained on Etheria where she helped her sisters and Rock People like Bouldron and Quartzara defend the Crystal Light Barrier.

More Info

The Masters of the Universe Classics line, launched in 2008, is a new line of action figures based on the classic characters from all aspects of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Available solely from Mattel’s website and aimed purely at collectors, the line also includes biographical descriptions of the characters designed to tie the diverging aspects of the mythos together.

Based on the look of the original 1980s MOTU toys, this new toy line was aimed primarily at the adult toy collector market, often available only through subscriptions (from MattyCollector). Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, these toys were updated versions of previous figures as well as characters that never before had an action figure made of them; such as Filmation’s Queen Marlena, Fang-Man, Lizard-Man, Count Marzo, Granamyr, and many others. The toy line featured many redesigned and updated action figures from the original action-figure line from the 1980s, but it also included characters from She-Ra: Princess of Power (Adora, Madame Razz, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver, and others), The New Adventures of He-Man (Mara, Crita, and more), and the Mike Young Productions series from 2002 (Faceless One, Chief Carnivus, King Chooblah, Ceratus, and others). As the line progressed, characters from all versions of MOTU lore were included, from such things such as prototypes and concept art (He-Ro, Eldor, Demo-Man, Gygor, Vykor, and others), box art from vehicles and model kits (Sky High and the Fighting Foe Men), mini comics (the Goddess, Geldor, and Procrustus), and other books, comics, and media (Despara, Strobo, Goat-Man, and more). There were also newly created figures, exclusive to the Classics toy line, such as Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and others. In February 2010, the figures of He-Man and Skeletor were available as Toys “R” Us exclusives packed in two-packs with Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively, from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics action figure line; with this dual line expanded to include two-packs featuring Aquaman/Mer-Man, Hawkman/Stratos, Bizarro/Faker, Supergirl/She-Ra, and Green Lantern/Zodac.

Masters of the Universe Classics surpassed the original 1980s toy line in terms of length, running continuously for seven years with more than 150 different figures produced since its launch in August 2008. Along with the Classics series, MOTU Minis and Giants figures were also released in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Mattel ended production on the MOTU Classics and MattyCollector.com’s Club Grayskull series, with the production company Super7 now taking over the Masters of the Universe license.


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