Tuskador Gun 1991 New Adventures of He-Man Weapon

Meta Data
Toy Type: Weapons
Year: 1991
Affiliation: Galactic Guardians
Weapon Class: Blasters & Guns
Weapon Color: White
Series: The New Adventures of He-Man
Toy Line: New Adventures of He-Man

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Tuskador is from the 1991 New Adventures of He-Man toy line. His mission is to search the star system for the supplies that He-Man and the Galactic Guardians urgently need to battle Skeletor and his evil mutants. He is dressed in blue pants with light blue shoes with gold armor and white elephant tusks. He has a lever on his back A lever on the back that causes his curved tusks to swivel. He came packed with a white blaster gun.

Weapon Description

Tuskador’s white blaster gun from the 1991 New Adventures of He-Man toy line. Check out his figure & accessories using the Weapons Rack database finder.

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