Tytus MOTU 1987 Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure

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Character Description

Tytus is a giant aligned with the heroes and helps the ancients thwart the efforts of the Snake Men. He is part of the defunct Powers of Grayskull line and is one of the last figures released exclusively in Europe under the Masters of the Universe line, making him one of the rarest figures in the original toyline.

Toy Appearance
Tytus has long flowing blonde rooted hair instead of hard plastic hair like much of the MOTU line and stands at a gargantuan 13 inches tall. He also wore gray chest armor and had brown coverings. The box art has him snatching up King Hiss using his snatcher weapon.

Cartoon Appearance
Tytus did not appear in the MOTU cartoons as he was supposed to be a character in the Powers of Grayskull series. Being the largest hero in existance, Tytus would have played a pivitol role on screen if the cartoon ever saw the light of day.

Although a 3 part series was not completed, a realm called the Land of Giants was referenced where we can hypothesis that this character, along with Megator, would have been introduced.

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